Finally realizing I got this.

Glasses, book and coffee

In life things change, right? A great tool to have in our life skills toolkit is the knowledge that difficulties pass. Struggles and challenges are overcome. Wisdom passed down from both our parents and t-shirts to ‘hang in there’ and ‘not give up’ turned out to be clinically good advice.

Accepting that you have what it takes to get through times that stretch you to the max will make taking the next step easier. And what other step can you take if not the next? One saying that pops up often lately when I read lifestyle or fitness blogs I follow is “You Got This”. Many times we forget this. The ‘You got this’ message interrupts my busy brain helping me to remember it’ll be okay. It only takes giving yourself a 2 minute break from worrying ‘How can I do this?’ to recall the times we accomplished what we wanted to and made it through other challenges. If you’re stuck on ‘I don’t have 2 minutes’ then make it 1 minute and do this exercise now since you need to reflect on this pronto!

As a writer I started out imagining a pro writing career after grad school in the late 90’s. Back then having an agent and getting a traditional publishing deal was the only way to publish unless you wanted to live the life of a salesperson/writer with a trunk full of your books. Then the early internet years burst on the scene. Agents started blogging or doing interviews with bloggers.

For the first time writers started getting the inside scoop on querying, submissions and becoming an author. Next came the indie publishing boom, social media, the whole e-transformation of our lives (hello Amazon Prime Pantry et al.) and here we are.

So, some things have definitely changed. I’m getting my novel ready to publish this July and get emails from different resources that have given me helpful info over the years.  Resources where I have courses flagged that I plan to take or books I plan to read next book around. But interestingly, when I read subject lines or titles that are about how to get an agent, how to write the right query or what the trends are so my submission will be accepted, I glaze over. I have little, if any, interest. What happened? Why don’t I care?

It’s not that I think agents and traditional publishing aren’t valuable. I do. A BIG lesson I’ve learned these last years writing The Summoned Guest is that trusting your gut is the only way to get your story moving. It’s where my story was. And where yours is. Not saying that’s where overnight success is found, but I promise that the story will be there waiting for you. Trusting your gut is true in life, too, by the way.

When I find a voice I want to hear from (books, bloggers, fitness professionals) – I couldn’t care if I’m on You Tube, another online platform, reading a blog or who published the book I’m reading. As the end user, if I like it, I’m there. Simple. Since The Summoned Guest started out as an idea to now, a novel about to be published, there’s been a huge shift.

The notion that you have to twist and turn to get the seal of approval for your query, or for your submission to land an agent in order to get a book deal is no longer the only road leading to Rome. Not to mention agents prefer that you arrive on their shores with your online presence and platform in place. If you’re going through the trouble to build that or are busy enjoying writing and connecting with readers – you may have learned, as I have, that many roads lead to Rome. Once again, this is by far the case in life too.

Working full time, and having a big family event coming up this month, squeezing in the final touches to publish hasn’t been easy for me. I’m looking forward to not seeing 3:00 a.m. at my computer in a few weeks! However, it’s always a good thing when you notice growth you hadn’t planned on. While this has happened in many ways as a writer, it’s continued these last months as well.

One thing I noticed these last couple of months is that I really do believe ‘I got this’ which is pretty great! Maybe you’re not writing a novel, but the lesson is the same. Forget the shoulds that you think will make you or your work acceptable. Exhale and know that you got this.

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