The Summoned Guest

Ella views the decisions her younger self made for her as her life sentence.


One holiday season is about to change her mind.


THE SUMMONED GUEST follows the story of Ella Burke, a thirty-something year old woman, who has lost her belief – in herself, and in her future. The novel begins during the holiday season in a suburb, along Philadelphia’s Main Line. We meet Ella, a professional counselor, wrapping up her half-day at work. Following Ella on her last minute errands we learn that Ella is living a life that is not her true aspiration. Rather than living authentically, she views the decisions her younger self made for her as her life sentence.


As the story progresses some painful realities in Ella’s life come to the fore. In the opening chapters readers find out that Ella’s biological father committed suicide a few months before Ella was born. Currently, Ella is not in a serious relationship, despite pressure from her mother to settle down. Throughout the novel Ella is faced with coming to terms with the losses in her life. As the novel progresses she admits that she is living her life to meet someone else’s standards.


Early on in the story she finds herself summoned into a different dimension. A place where she discovers a world similar to what she has known, but altogether its own. Her time as a guest in this place opens her up to truth and healing, but it also exposes her weaknesses. Here, Ella discovers magical components, including that there is something very mysterious about many of the people she encounters.


Summoned at a point in her life when she believed it was too late to change things, she will have this notion challenged in ways she could never have imagined.


THE SUMMONED GUEST is women’s fiction with a romance sub-plot and supernatural threads woven throughout the story.


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The Summoned Guest
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