Halfway There


Halfway through my first novel coincides with what could be halfway through my life if I live to my early 90’s.  Granted, having a relative that lived to be 113 (in Italy), and parents that died too young, at 68 and 75, I suppose time will tell where I’m at.

But the novel is for certain.  Halfway there.   Lately, I’ve been following the story of Colleen Hoover because she published her novels during the same time frame in which I took a pause from a counseling career to pursue a writing career. While I’m only – you guessed it – halfway there, she has written 5 Amazon bestselling Kindle books, acquired a publishing deal from Atria and sold movie rights to her series of young adult romance novels.

She is great at connecting with her readers as evident in her blog at www.colleenhoover.com  and she’s funny.  I’ve enjoyed reading her back posts to follow how the last year and a half has unfolded.  Good stuff.  So are young adult romance novels where it’s at?

This genre has held little interest for me once I reached 18 years old.  I remember devouring young love stories at the beach during the summers when I was a teen.  Since then I am first in line for a good film romance but the closest thing I’ve come to caring about a fiction romance would be Ron and Hermione.  So when my husband and I sat down recently at Barnes and Noble to read some of Colleen Hoover’s Slammed I came away confirmed in my disinterest in such genre, impressed by how easy it was to turn the pages in Colleen Hoover’s novel, again impressed by her prolific year and convinced that, by golly, I, too, have a good novel in the making.

Halfway in the making.

So, what allowed Colleen Hoover, a mom of three boys who worked in social services the ability to accomplish so much so quickly?  That answer can change my life for the better.

With an interest in writing since childhood, writing throughout my college years, and a decision to embark on a writing career (both fiction and non-fiction) settled – I set about to write my first book  in Jan 2012.  A novel.  It took me 6 months to “find” my story.

Then, while Colleen Hoover wrote several novels, I meticulously snowflaked method (Google it) my story until it unfolded like a blooming rose.  Another 6 months.  I was in JK Rowling reading mode so unfortunately my story entered the lands that the likes of Rowlings and Tolkiens occupy.  But, for someone who has never attempted a novel, writing a decent book for those lands has proven time consuming.  Don’t even think Rowling or blasphemy that it could be like Tolkien.  But Colleen Hoover has given me hope.  One lesson from her is to just write.  That’s what she must have done.  Write. Write. Write.

Finish the darn book.  Don’t second guess the path after each scene.  At least finish it for my sister to read!

Not just any sister.  If you visit www.adoublem.com you’ll see her amazing talents.

So, in my balcony I have a loving husband, sister and brother-in- law waiting for this novel.

I admit I have remorse for not having delivered the five novels Colleen Hoover did in the time span that it took me to get halfway through my first novel.

But it has a title and a story you’ll love.  It’s called THE ARRANGEMENT.  And you can follow the story unfold here.  And we’re off and running to the finish!

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