Opened magic book with magic light

The View from Revision Lane

I know when I read about a newer author’s book deal or being published I enjoy reading their blog posts about the process. It’s a great caveat the internet has given aspiring “anythings”.  Aspiring comedian’s, writers, songwriters, business owners.  Somewhere online we can read of a successful “anything” tell their story of how they did what we are in the midst of doing – or hope to do.  For me,…

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valley forge

Memorial Day Pause

The renovated barn apartment I live in offers a plethora of dwelling options for local birds.  It’s a little like living in an aviary, the day progressing with songs and shrieks from busy feathered co-inhabitants.  This morning I awoke  to birds singing outside my window and daylight streaming into the room.  My husband and family were at morning Mass particularly remembering those in our armed forces. I slept through Mass but in the…

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Halfway There

Halfway through my first novel coincides with what could be halfway through my life if I live to my early 90’s.  Granted, having a relative that lived to be 113 (in Italy), and parents that died too young, at 68 and 75, I suppose time will tell where I’m at. But the novel is for certain.  Halfway there.   Lately, I’ve been following the story of Colleen Hoover because she published her novels during…

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