So, here’s a little bit about me.


Originally from NY, I’ve called the Philly Mainline area home for many years. My husband, Paul, and I moved to PA after graduate school to be closer to my sister, Anita, and brother in law, Dan. A perfect end to a busy week is when I get to hang out on a deck or curled up on a sofa, dogs included, eating and drinking with those I love, as we relax and catch up.


I consider my “exercise” routine to be time spent walking in gardens, national parks and arboretums (and whenever I get the chance, at the beach) and love every minute of it.  I enjoy cooking (or eating great food out!) and good films – domestic, international and classic.


Turns out I’m easily hooked on sitcoms. Or stand up comedians. Currently binge watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  And I’ve yet to kick the ‘watching reruns of my favorite old sitcoms’ habit. Am I the only one who wants “A Very Frasier Holiday” or “A Friends Wedding”? Oh, 1980’s kitschy sitcom reunion TV movies, where have you gone?


What’s my biggest TV guilty pleasure? Watching Hallmark and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. Especially addictive during the holidays. Guilty pleasure because it took me a few years of viewing to admit this to anyone outside of family. Nowadays Paul has joined me on this path. They even have a name for husbands watching hallmark shows with their wives. Hallmark Hubbies. Which, of course, I’m forbidden to call him.


I’ve practiced yoga for over twenty years and can’t sing its praises enough. Though I’m still not too flexible.  The lotus position thing never happened for me.


But one day I realized that sitting on the floor cross-legged did the trick just fine too. Isn’t that just like life? So, now, rather than stress over what isn’t, I try to focus on what is and what is possible.  What do you know? It does the trick just fine.


By profession, I am a licensed professional counselor, with an M.A. in Counseling and M. A. in Theology. With these leanings you can bet that I’ve spent many hours pondering the major life questions – all the while with a cookbook at the ready since, when all’s said and done, a great meal or cup of tea can offer up its own perfectly useful (and even poetic) answers to life.


This website came together because one of my passions is writing and sharing with writers, readers and entrepreneurs. I’m excited to have published my first novel, The Summoned Guest.



Thanks for stopping by.


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