April, 2017


The promise of new life.

Everything is pointing to it. Spring is awakening here in Pennsylvania everywhere you look. My winter coat is hung on it’s wooden peg, hanging out at home nowadays. This weekend Christian liturgies around the world are focused on it. The promise of new life. I’ve been feeling this as a writer. If you’re a writer you know that there are many seasons in the writing process and in the vocation of a…

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Spring is in the Air with The Summoned Guest!

Here, in Pennsylvania, spring is in the air! My husband, Paul, and I went to a local garden, and buds were starting to bloom on all the trees, with early blooms peeking out of the ground. The grass was lush from recent rains, rather than scorched from the heat of summer. How I’ve missed hearing the birds in our more urban apartment as compared to when we lived in a restored barn. But…

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