November, 2014

cookie and cup of coffee with laptop on wooden table.

The World Needs Your Novel

This is the tagline for Nanowrimo’s 30 day challenge. When I first read it, feeling beat up from the process of working on completing my first novel, the slogan inspired me. “Ah, yes, the world! I forgot about the world. Get back out there, weary writer – blizzard or no blizzard. Frostbite or hypothermia – no retreating! The world needs you to see this through.” Yep.  Pass the cookies and…

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Stack of books

Almost Ready to Submit

As a first time novelist, it is something else to look back and see how far I’ve journeyed with this story.  From the initial idea, to mapping out the story for a couple of months to the first draft which took months of writing – both following the outline and letting the story unfold as I wrote – it’s been quite a trip. A funny thing happens while your brain is occupied with getting the…

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