Spring is in the Air with The Summoned Guest!

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Here, in Pennsylvania, spring is in the air! My husband, Paul, and I went to a local garden, and buds were starting to bloom on all the trees, with early blooms peeking out of the ground. The grass was lush from recent rains, rather than scorched from the heat of summer. How I’ve missed hearing the birds in our more urban apartment as compared to when we lived in a restored barn. But yesterday in the garden the birds were flying and chirping EVERYWHERE.

Ahhh. I LOVE the promises of springtime.

This year, it felt like how I feel with my novel. So much has been happening in the “winter” season of completing and publishing The Summoned Guest. But it was hard to detect the progress. It’s nice to see buds on the trees in winter but until they start blooming, even a little, you wonder if spring will ever come. No offense to Punxsutawney Phil, but by the end of winter, I am fixated on the END of winter. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, ADIOS as the song goes. So maybe I added adios, but you get the gist.

Where nothing was but dirt, flowers are peeking through. The Summoned Guest is really almost done, done! The launch prep is peeking through the ground. Hashtag this and that is going on the list #ChristmasinJuly #HolidayBeachReads ,etc. Hello blue and  yellow flowers by the trees. Hello white flowers cascading over the wall and pink tree blossoms. (or Chionodoxa and Scilla bulbs, Prunus cascading if you need specificity). Hello The Summoned Guest final draft. Hello giveaways. Hello my friend.

Hope spring is in the air where you are too. Or maybe in your life. If it’s a winter season, HANG IN THERE, know that a new season will follow soon. Seasons do that.

If you’re busy putting some real, tough, grind it out work into your goals, the day when you see signs of promise popping up where only dirt and bare branches used to be, like I’m experiencing with this writing journey – Let me tell you that it is ALL WORTH IT!


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